Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Nip in Time

A nip in Time
Poem by Mick Leigh

The Wombat said to the Kangaroo
"Gooday my friend, and how are you?"
"I'm glad you asked" said the Kangaroo
"I'm sitting here wondering what to do".
"I've lost me jump and got the hump,
So I can't be a Kangaroo
Boo Hoo".

"That's true" said Willy the Wombat, 
"A kangaroo's got to have jump,
But if you can wait, I've got a good mate,
and I'm sure he'll know what to do".

So Willy found Billy the Bull Ant,
and told him of Rodney Roo's plight.
then Billy the Bull Ant bit Rodney,
who jumped clear out of sight.

"Strike me Blue!" said Rodney Roo,
"That was a heckava bite,
but thanks to you and willy too,
I've got me jumpin' right!
Yes, I've got me jumpin' right!"

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