Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cartas al aire...

Porque si no fue amor, entonces no sé qué diablos fue...

Oh Rebeca,
that was such a hard day for me today ... It was hard to sleep, wake up and leave Playa del Carmen without you. This time, I was crying because I miss you sooo damn much!! Tulum was really great, but I missed you, too, haha. I went even swimming in the sea with my underwear again, and stayed in the sun until everything was dry. Right now, I'm at the Mayan hostel in Cancun.
In a few minutes I'll go to the ADO bus station to buy my tickets to Chiquila, in order to get to Holbox tomorrow early morning 

About the little passenger, I've noticed a paper with your travel information and name on my small backpack. Is there any other passenger that I'm taking without notice?? I'd have to charge extra for that, haha

A big I miss you BESOOO,

Hey Rebeca,

I was snorkeling with whalesharks today!! AMAZING, and in the end, the tour guide told me, it was the best time in this season ... because the whalesharks "behaved" and didn't try to escape.

The only thing that could make things better here, is if you'd be here with me.
I'm visited your page today, to see our pictures again. I miss Akumal, and the snorkeling and playa ... and all that together is because I miss you so much!

I'm waiting for the answer of my traveling agency, and hopefully I'll be able to see you again, soon! You are such a loving and intelligent person. Even though you know so many things and you've been through a lot of things, you're never arrogant like "what do you want to tell me, I have more experience than all of you?" - you accept many opinions and love peace and just being happy ... and that's why I like you soooo much!!

I got your e-mail  But please, let's cry less ... both of us! Otherwise we'll get completely love-sick, haha - and the fever will never go away! So I hope you'll get better, soon!

Yo tambien te quiero mucho ... grandes besos!!

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